New in Tableau 10.2 - Join Calculation

New in Tableau 10.2: Join Calculation

In Tableau 10.2 we’ll see a couple of great new features. You can see a whole list here; which includes new ways of formatting lines, using spatial files as data sources, direct share point integration and many more.

In the video below I use a new feature called the Join Calculation. I use this new feature to tackle a very common issue I see many of our clients encounter. A dataset that contains columns with a start and end date, of for example, mobile phone contracts or when people are admitted to hospital. The problem here is that this is difficult to visualise over time. In the video below I describe how you can create a product join (e.g. a scaffold) in order to join a data set with dates by using the new Join Calculation feature.

With a Join Calculation you can now create custom joins through calculations which mean you can bring multiple data sources together, even if the field names don’t match.

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