Hi! I am Andre 👋 and I am a Developer & Solutions Engineer. I currently work for The Information Lab in London. My main role there is to help people see and understand their data by using industry leading data analytics tools.

In the last few years I've been focusing more and more on building and delivering educational content around data engineering & data visualisation on the web. I really enjoy empowering others with modern data skills. I am also involved with our Dataschool - this is a 2-year program focused on creating the next batch of great data analysts. At the Dataschool I teach various topics, ranging from 'Working with APIs' to 'Introduction to Regular Expressions'.

Some of the organisations I worked with


Web Development

I really enjoy building web applications and integrating web technologies in all kinds of ways. You can call me a bit of a 'hybrid' developer - lots of the applications that I built are web based an integrate with other tools in the data analytics space. I mainly use web technologies to help others be successful with BI tools such as Tableau & Alteryx, and I have created many open-source packages to make life easier with these tools. My front-end framework of choice is React (Next.js) but I like writing backend code as much as front-end. Early on in my career as a data analyst I focused on Python but in the last few years I primarily write JavaScript & Typescript. If you want to get a sense of what I create, then head over to my Github page.

London hackathon winners 2019
London DataDev 2019 Hackathon winners!

What I do

During my career I have helped hundreds of companies getting into the Modern Data Stack, many of those firms in the Fortune 500. I have also designed and delivered a whole host of training sessions in more than 10 countries across four continents. In 2019 alone I taught Tableau and Alteryx to more than a 1000 people in person. The training content ranges from introducing Tableau & Alteryx to specific topics such as using APIs and web development related topics. Currently at The Information Lab I advise customers who want to build and architect public-facing data apps and want to monetise their BI and data insights.

DataDev Ambassador

In 2020 I was elected as one of the first Tableau DataDev Ambassadors. A huge honour and a confirmation that I was helping people in the community with all the content I delivered through videos, blog posts and speaker events! And I was even asked to come back in the 2021 cohort! 🎉


  • Tableau Certified Trainer
  • Tableau Desktop Certified
  • Tableau Server Associate
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty

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