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Hi! I'm Andre

I'm a Developer / Solutions Engineer who is passionate about working at the intersection of data engineering, web development and the cloud. I'm an AWS Certified Developer and a Tableau DataDev Ambassador. I like to write & teach about data analytics, web development & the cloud.

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    Scheduling dbt Core with Github Actions

    dbt is a great tool for data transformation. All of your data pipelines and configurations are written in common file types such as SQL and YAML. There are also many third-party tools you can use and configure to schedule and automate your dbt runs. In this blog post, I explain how you can set this up via one of these solutions: Github Actions.
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    Three key trends that will shape the future of the data space

    The data space is a super interesting area to be involved in. Some tools have been around for many years and have defined how we operate and work with data. However, lately we have seen some trends around tooling appear that are worth investigating. In this blog post, I will discuss three key trends that I think will define the future of the data landscape.
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    Partial Types in TypeScript

    A partial type is a small part of the TypeScript language, but this feature has solved some major annoyances and issues that I ran into while using types with the useState hook in React.

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