Resources for learning JavaScript: YouTube

Want to learn JavaScript but don't know where to start? Follow these YouTube Channels and I'm certain you'll master JavaScript in no time!

Resources for learning JavaScript: YouTube

The very first coding focussed YouTube channel that I subscribed to. The Coding Train (by Daniel Shiffman) is a great channel for beginners and more advanced programmers. Daniel mainly focusses on 'creative coding' and uses a JavaScript library that is very beginner friendly - p5.js. People that also want to learn more about machine learning, APIs, and everything related to being creative should absolutely subscribe to this channel.

Traversy Media is a channel by Brad Traversy. Brad is one of my favourite YouTubers and has a great teaching style. All his videos are at the right pace and he always makes sure his content is up to date.

If you want to learn a lot about JavaScript frameworks then I can recommend subscribing to Academind. This YouTube channel has several really great video series in which you can learn a lot about front and back end. He is also active on Udemy and has two courses that I bought that are really useful (VueJS and ReactJS).

This is a YouTube channel that has some really good bit-size videos. I often download them and watch them on the train into work due to their length. Mosh also has some longer videos and content around other programming languages (Python for example).

One half of the SyntaxFM podcast duo. Scott is a great teacher and has the perfect pace for learning JavaScript. The majority of his videos focus on learning React and VueJS. Scott is the founder of Level Up Tutorial, which is a website that you can subscribe to and receive new paid courses every month. On his YouTube channel he releases free content.

The other half of the SyntaxFM podcast duo. Wes is a full stack developer from Canada and releases these really great video series in which you can learn a lot about JavaScript (mainly React), HTML and CSS. He also uploads a lot of his talks on this channel and I highly recommend watching these. Especially this Tag Team React Coding video with Scott is great to watch - which they recorded at Reactathon.

A YouTube channel that I started following about half a year ago. David and MPJ are mainly talking about everything except coding for 90% of the videos and almost every video they fail in what they were trying to achieve. However, that is the good part of it. It shows that programming is hard and you fail more than you actually succeed.

One part of the DevTips Channel - MPJ - has his own channel. This is a must and if you haven't subsribed to any of the above mentioned channels then I would recommend subscribing to this one! MPJ has a lot of videos that should really help you further understand the ins and outs of JavaScript.

This is such a great YouTube channel to subscribe to if you are really new to programming. Masha has several really good videos that help you with understanding the Web a lot better. She also recorded a few really good video with people in the industry which should give you a good understanding of how it is to work as a developer.

Kent C. Dodds focusses solely on React and especially on testing your code. He's the brains behind the React Testing Library which is a very popular package that helps you with testing your React code. On his channel he has some great videos for those that want to dive deep into React, the new Hooks API, and code testing.

Last but not least, Colt Steele. He basically taught me JavaScript and Web Development in the very first Udemy course that I purchased two years ago. He's not the most active YouTuber (probably creating a lot of content for Udemy in the meantime) but he has some really interesting and informative videos.

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